As a photographer, cinematographer and adventurer, Isaiah Jay finds inspiration in every corner of the globe - from commercial studios in Chicago to the rugged Rocky Mountains. Whether documenting the world’s greatest chefs as they create new recipes in Hong Kong. or following long-distance runners as they complete a 100-mile race, Isaiah approaches each of his projects as he would a bold new journey.
With over a decade of rare experience working in-studio and on-location, Isaiah is a keen problem-solver and can meet the challenges that arise in every setting. Each new subject is an opportunity to show the full depth of human experience- from capturing the gritty, emotional determination and physical toil of an outdoor adventurer, to the synesthesia of enticing textures, colors, scents and tastes within the culinary world. His personal passions for nature, cooking, travel, and endurance sports, are perfect complements to his cutting-edge work.
Isaiah began his career in some of the country’s best commercial and food + beverage studios. He’s worked with such diverse clients and brands as McDonald's, Gatorade, Farmers Fridge, REI, Tyson Foods, Givaudan Flavors, Seasons Soda, High Brew coffee, Lifetime Fitness, BMC Bikes, ENVE Outside Magazine & TV. Reflecting his range in experience and professional interests, Isaiah welcomes scalable projects that meet the unique needs and vision of each client.


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